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The history of the Order of Tiron (or Tyron) begins over 900 years ago in the forest of Perche, close to the spring of the river Thironne where Bernard of Abbeville or of Tiron (1046-1117) founded his monastery. Prior to the actual site (1114) and thanks to the support of the Count of Perche, Rotrou the Third and his friend the Bishop Yves of Chartres, a fi rst establishment was set up in 1109, near Saint Anne of the Wood's Pond where a chapel of the same name marks the location. Soon the faithful converged there in droves. The founder welcomed them charitably and employed each and everyone according to their profession: iron workers, carpenters, blacksmiths, sculptors, goldsmiths and silversmiths, painters, masons, wine growers and growers. Thus was born the Order of Tiron whose artisan monks followed with strict observance the rules and teachings of St Benedict. Very soon, the reputation of the monks spread and became such that King David the First of Scotland, with the support of his brother-in-law King Henry the First Beauclerc of England (whose son-in-law was Rotrou the Third, Count of Perche), invites «the grey monks of Tiron» to build some of the most important abbeys in Scotland. Louis the Sixth «the Fat» of France takes the abbey and all it's property under royal protection as early as 1122. He even sent one of his sons, the future King Louis the Seventh to the Benedictine community that received him as a pilgrim in 1130. During two centuries, the Order of Tiron, close to the royalty and the great lords of the time, will see itself reach its dazzling apogee with more than a hundred priories and over twenty abbeys in the north-west of France,in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.